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Discover the heart of Queen Mercy Foundation through our impactful projects. From education to healthcare and community outreach, each initiative is a beacon of positive change. Join us in illuminating lives, one project at a time.

Gift a Child Project 2023

A small gesture with big impact. Our project brings smiles and inspiration as we donate school bags and notebooks to less privileged children. Together, we’re sowing the seeds of education and a brighter future.”

Donation to ECWA School Bwari, Abuja

Donation to Tree hills Int'l Academy Bwari Abuja

More about Recent projects

In our heartfelt endeavor to make education accessible to every child, the project expanded its wings to embrace five schools, reaching out to approximately 300 students. Beyond the tangible donation of school bags and notebooks, our team personally visited each school, sharing moments of joy, encouragement, and the promise of a brighter future.

This initiative goes beyond the physical objects we provide; it’s about instilling hope and igniting the flame of learning in the hearts of these young minds. Through these visits, we witnessed firsthand the immediate impact on the students’ spirits, their eyes lighting up with enthusiasm and the belief that someone cares about their education.

Christmas Donation to Vantage Point Academy

Visitations and Donations to Orphanage

Schoo Fees Donation

Queen Mercy Humanitarian Foundation on the 30th of January 2024 lightened the educational burden for underprivileged students in Abuja’s Bwari Local Government. The foundation, represented by its Abuja team and guided by their patron, Chaplain Toluwalsse Mark Olubena, generously paid school fees for children whose parents faced financial constraints. Chaplain Olubena not only offered financial assistance but also provided advisory support, encouraging parents to stay resilient while assuring ongoing empowerment and support from the foundation. This simple act of kindness aims to create a brighter future for these students and their families.

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