Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development Honors Mrs. Olubukola Onabanjo for Outstanding Humanitarian Contributions

In a heartwarming display of appreciation and recognition, the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development has extended its heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. Olubukola Onabanjo, the founder of Queen Mercy Humanitarian Foundation. The commendation comes in acknowledgment of Mrs. Onabanjo’s unwavering support and generous donations throughout the year, positively impacting the lives of rehabilitees and residents in various state-owned homes and institutions

Mrs. Olubukola Onabanjo, a dedicated philanthropist and the driving force behind the Queen Mercy Humanitarian Foundation, has been a beacon of hope for countless individuals in need. The Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development, recognizing the significance of her contributions, has expressed its gratitude for the positive impact she has made within the community.

Throughout the year, Mrs. Onabanjo’s foundation has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to improving the lives of the less privileged. The foundation’s focus on rehabilitating individuals in state-owned homes and institutions has been particularly noteworthy. From providing essential resources to offering emotional support, Queen Mercy Humanitarian Foundation has become a pillar of strength for those who need it most.

The ministry commended her for her compassion, dedication, and the tangible difference she has made in the lives of many residents.

Mrs. Onabanjo’s commitment to the well-being of others goes beyond just material donations. She has actively participated in various community engagement initiatives, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting social inclusion. Her genuine concern for the rehabilitation and welfare of those in state-owned homes has not gone unnoticed, earning her the admiration and respect of the local community and beyond.

The Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development sees Mrs. Olubukola Onabanjo as a role model, setting an inspiring example for others to follow. In recognizing her outstanding humanitarian efforts, the ministry hopes to inspire a ripple effect of kindness and generosity within the community.

Mrs. Olubukola Onabanjo’s dedication to the betterment of society has not only touched the lives of countless individuals but has also garnered well-deserved recognition from the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development. The congratulatory message serves as a testament to her impactful contributions and highlights the importance of individuals and organizations working hand in hand with government bodies to create positive change.

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